Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend Retreat

We had an amazing group of six ladies attend the Potter's House Retreat this weekend.  They came desiring an adventure with God and He did not disappoint.  We studied His Word, spent quiet time alone with Him, played in the Art Shed all mixed with laughter, tears, and lots of good food.

Studying God's Word

Quiet Time Alone with the Father

Are they Praying or Sleeping?

We like to have fun too.....

Play Time in the Art Shed

Time Around the Fire Pit on Saturday Night
We shared, sung hymns, laughed and told stories

Martha was the Chef for the Weekend and the Food was Delicious

Sunday at Lunchtime and Time to leave the Mountain and Return Home

These ladies were such a blessing to us and we are very thankful God brought us all together for a weekend of study, quiet time, and laughter with a few tears thrown in.

Hugs and blessings,
Nancy and Pat

Monday, May 7, 2012

On Wings Like a Dove Retreat

This past weekend, Sandra held her annual retreat for On Wings Like a Dove at the Potter's House.  She generously invited me to attend and it was a wonderful time of fellowship, good food, inspired teaching, and most importantly quiet time with the Father.

You can read more detail about the retreat on Sandra's or her blog

It wouldn't be a retreat without Sandra's laughing

Deanna's Shirt got painted in the Art Shed

Hugs and blessings,

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pat and I were blessed to meet and have three delightful women at the Potter's House Retreat last weekend....They traveled the greatest distance of any participants; one from Little Rock, AR, one from Mississippi, and one from LA...

We concentrated on learning to be quiet and to listen to God's voice and then to obey His directions.. He was faithful to meet each one of us and to give us insights that will help clear the clutter from our minds in order to have a closer personal relationship with Him.  These insights were given through individual time alone with God at different stations on the property and through art time in the art shed as well as teaching time.

Three wonderful women

Pat preparing to Teach

Time alone with God

Time Together

Time in the Art Shed

Time to Leave the Mountains and Return to Everyday Life
God Bless Each of you As you Return Home

Hugs and blessings,
Nancy and Pat

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Living Water Day Retreat

This past Saturday we had another opportunity to see God at work showing Himself to a group of young women who had come to the Potter's House in hopes of learning from their heavenly Father.  He did not disappoint.  He took each gal right where they were and and filled them with encouragement and a Word designed for each one of them....

Working in the Art Shed

Leaving to Go Home


The Potter: I was not whole until He broke me

A lump I was and a lump I would stay.
Soft and supple, a mound of clay.
And so I waited for my turn on the wheel.
Waiting, just waiting, His hands to feel.

One day I was chosen, and I thought it must be
that I'd done something special. I thought it was me.
I did not resist as he kneaded and pressed.
I did not resist as he left me to rest.

But the Master's tools became rough and crude.
They hacked and they hammered, exposed and nude.
I began to feel a little bit daunted
as I realized this was not what I'd wanted.

When I felt that surely this pressure must end,
for I could not recognize the lump I had been.
When I thought I just couldn't take anymore,
my world changed again, though I was aching and sore.

The Master's hands became gentle and kind.
He urged and he teased as he molded my mind.
This is easy, I thought. My shape will soon come.
Then the Master leaned over, His voice a soft hum.

He said you are ready. I've done all that I can.
It is time for the fire to see where we stand.
The kiln was quite nice. I had no need to fear.
I'd become special. Surely I'd gotten me here.

But as the temperature started to rise,
I turned on my Master.  I said he told lies.
How could he leave me in here all alone.
How could he think I'd survive on my own.

As the fire grew stronger, I realized the truth.
The lies were all mine and here is the proof.
I said I was special but he made me so.
I said I'd earned it, little did I know.

As the fire died down, I noticed a bright square.
I realized my Master's eyes had always been there.
He didn't leave me here without care.
The Master, I knew, would always be there.

When he glazed me and placed me back in the fire,
my heart didn't bubble with the same sort of ire.
I knew I must trust Him for He knew the best.
I know this moment, but He knows the rest.

The fire washed over and I did not resist.
I knew it would hurt but I knew I'd persist.
Out I emerged, a beautiful piece.
Awaiting my purpose, my journey to cease.

And as I sit waiting, I see it more clearly.
God loves us all. He loves us all dearly.
He chooses each for their perfect part.
It is now what we have but who we are in our heart.

We do not become jars of clay by happenstance.
We are who we are by design, not by chance.
So if ever you find yourself deep in the fire.
Follow the Master and not your desire.

God will not lead your footsteps astray.
He is with us right now, each moment, each day.


God blesses abundantly if only we will take the time to spend with Him and to sit patiently waiting for  His voice...We were blessed abundantly by these girls....

Hugs and blessings,

Nancy and Sandra