Tuesday, November 2, 2010

October Retreat

Pat summed it up beautifully......We had spent time praying that God would speak to each woman in the group He had brought together this beautiful October weekend and did He ever do just that.......
He spoke to our hearts as we practiced the Listening Prayer and He encouraged us as we shared all that was on our hearts.

We ate delicious meals prepared by Paulette and Martha, we laughed and cried as we studied together, and we got out of our comfort zones as we learned the art of visual journling from Mary, our visiting artist...Mary has such a gift of teaching and sharing about visual journaling that she was a blessing to each of us.  We appreciate her being with us so much....We hiked up the mountain and enjoyed God's creation and then ate marsh mellows around a fire while we sang hymns and praises to God.  Sunday morning, we finished off our weekend with communion and Scriptures for each of us to take with us as encouragement.
                                          Friday night after Dinner

Chefs Paulette and Martha

Mary and her Students

Mary Teaching Visual Journaling

Hike up the Mountain 

Time to go Home

What a privilege it was for Pat and me to be part of a God adventure with such a special group of women....................

Blessings to you,
October 27, 2010 2:50 PM

What a blessing we all experienced at the Potter's House last weekend. Nancy and my heart beat was that God would show up big time and minister to ALL of us. And He certainly did. What an awesome group of women He put together. Nancy's graciousness and gift of giving and hospitality blessed everyone. Can you believe He made it rain right before we got there so the stream's song was magnificent. He spoke words of healing and encouragement to each person. We shared His Word, His Creation - unique women, nature, laughter, tears, hope and love. We were blessed by Mary Freeman teaching us to express ourselves through "layers of art" because we have many layers. Listening to the God of the Universe speak His words to each of us caused us to bond as "Sisters in the Lord." What an awesome privilege it is to minister in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ with the true friend, Nancy Williamson, that He has given me - may all glory and praise go to Him who is worthy of being loved with all of our hearts, souls and mind. Pat