Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lyrics are for our weekend written by one of the participants

These lyrics are for our weekend, set to the music of "My Favorite Things" from the Sound of Music written by one of the participants.

Sunshine on mountains

And warmth in our voices…
Love and our Lord were
The best of our choices.
Macadamia clusters and freedom for win
These are a few of our favorite things.

Laughing and crying in
Joy and in sorrow…
Brought forth the bliss
Of a blessed tomorrow,
Being with women so lovely to know
Our Lord’s path is the way to go!

When you’re sharing
When you’re open!
When you give, it’s true…
You simply become what the Lord has in store..
His love will come forth to you!

The Retreat

God was so gracious to us as we had the first Footsteps to the Potter's House Retreat. Hearing from the gals that participated has been an absolute blessing. God certainly directed the weekend, spoke to each of us and blew us away with the creative process He has placed within each of us. Nancy and I are humbled and amazed that He would choose to "redeem" the hurts and challenges of life and as we "mentor" and share with women, He changes these hurts into tools He can use to heal. We had the opportunity of experiencing joy as only a group of women can.
Some of the comments we received:
1.  Your emphasis on this retreat being a safe place and your acceptance of us - you showed each of us God's unconditional love.  Your encouragement to be REAL helped me so much
2.  The progression of the weekend was well thought out as you took us f rom Friday evening to the crescendo on Sunday of communion.
3.  The book you gave us, God Guides, has dramatically changed my quiet times with God.  New meaning has been given to "Be Still and Know that I am God"..I am becoming more and more a listener.  This has been utterly transforming.
4. The creative journaling has taken hold of me already.  How beautiful and revealing it was.
5.  Food was great
6.  The laughter, the hugs, and the safe feeling you gave us.
7.  God spoke to me so much while there; I just couldn't write fast enough
8.  The retreat was just awesome
9.  Fire pit time was fun as well as freeing
10.Leader's passion for what they are doing

In Christ's Love,