Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We are Getting Ready

We are getting ready for our next retreat in June.......and we are very excited about the group of women God is putting together for this retreat....

It's been raining alot up here on the mountain so everything is lush and green and the flowers are getting ready to show their glory...some have already started.  The stream is roaring down the mountain in anticipation of  women who will sit on the rocks and ponder all that God has in store for them......even the butterflies are being readied to remind all of the transforming power of the hand of God..

Pat and Nancy


  1. Nancy and Pat, may God fill your hearts to the brim and overflowing in the days ahead of the retreat!!


  2. Nancy, I had to stop over to see the Potter's House. Wow! God is blessing this place greatly and I'm sure He is also blessing you in return. Oh and Hi to Pat too! I bet your hearts are just overflowing with excitement and blessings in preparing for your next retreat.

    You Go Girls!!!!

    Lee Ann