Wednesday, October 13, 2010

October Retreat and Visiting Artist

We can't believe that the October retreat is so near....and we are so excited.  Every retreat has proven to be different and we are sure the same will be true for this one coming October 22 -24..The weather is cool and the leaves are falling which makes for a beautiful time in the mountains to have an encounter with our heavenly Father.

God always shows us new areas He wants us to work on and exercises to incorporate into the agenda which makes for an adventurous weekend.  This retreat we will have a visiting artist, Mary Freeman, who will instruct us in Art Journaling.  Mary has such a heart for the Lord and we are anxious to hear what a difference journaling has made in her life as well as demonstrations of her techniques.

We would appreciate your prayers for the weekend...Our prayer is that every woman will arrive safely with an open heart to hear from the Lord and a willingness to take what she has heard and return home with new enthusiasm to run her individual race...

Hugs and blessings,
Pat and Nancy


  1. I'm so anxious to hear how the retreat went Nancy! One day I'm going to make it there too.

    ♥Lee Ann

  2. Nancy I already miss you sweetie...I had an awesome time at the retreat, but am unable to upload any photos so I'm just posting a little about it with your blog addy so other's can take a peek.. God touched my heart and has done some changing too...I'm so thankful for you and Pat for you have touched my heart as well. Love you bunches...I sure hope other's will hear about it so they can be touched as well.(((hugs)))

  3. What a blessing we all experienced at the Potter's House last weekend. Nancy and my heart beat was that God would show up big time and minister to ALL of us. And He certainly did. What an awesome group of women He put together. Nancy's graciousness and gift of giving and hospitality blessed everyone. Can you believe He made it rain right before we got there so the stream's song was magnificent. He spoke words of healing and encouragement to each person. We shared His Word, His Creation - unique women, nature, laughter, tears, hope and love. We were blessed by Mary Freeman teaching us to express ourselves through "layers of art" because we have many layers. Listening to the God of the Universe speak His words to each of us caused us to bond as "Sisters in the Lord." What an awesome privilege it is to minister in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ with the true friend, Nancy Williamson, that He has given me - may all glory and praise go to Him who is worthy of being loved with all of our hearts, souls and mind. Pat